Etnologické rozpravy / Ethnological Debates

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EV 44/22/EPP

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Publisher: Ethnographic Society of Slovakia


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Etnologické rozpravy / Ethnological Debates 1/2022



 “Research on life in the period of socialism is a topical research area (not only) in Slovak ethnology. This is perhaps related to the sufficient time distance and thus also to the willingness to return to the period we lived through as adults, children, or know from our parents’ stories, but also to the growing social interest in getting to know “how we lived” (not only among the current strong middle generation). An important reason for ethnology in terms of its methodology is also the fact that the main source of our research – living people, reflect in their memories of their lives mostly already this period (as the oldest and often the longest in the lives of many). The years 1948 to 1989 represent a significant social change also due to the massive urbanisation of Slovakia (alongside collectivisation, industrialisation, and other processes). Our society was significantly urbanized in this historical phase. Intentional urbanization was both a means and an expression of the controlled modernization of the country, which the regime of the time was striving for. Exploring the life of people in cities during this period is therefore an important part of the mosaic of understanding the shape of culture (way of life) and its changes between 1948 and 1989.”


Janto, J. 2022. Editoriál: Mesto a socializmus. In Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no.2, pp. 4-7. 2729-9759.