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The theme of the first issue of Ethnological Debates 2024 is devoted to the phenomenon of water in various aspects that are part of human culture. Water is one of the basic prerequisites of life. Its intake is essential for humans, animals, and plants. Apart from direct consumption, it has served and continues to serve for food preparation, essential parts of animal feeding, crop irrigation, cleansing, industrial production, transport, recreation; as a source of energy, in rituals, etc. Watercourses and areas form part of the landscape and its perception; they are managed and used by man, but they also pose a hazard (flooding). Water is therefore not only a phenomenon of the natural environment but an important aspect of culture, on which this issue of the journal focuses its attention.


The editors welcome theoretical and empirical studies, essays, and discussions, that address the phenomenon of water in the broad context of culture, including the following aspects:


  • water consumption, water in diet and purification (wells, well water, taps, bottled water)- water in production (mills, power stations)
  • water transport (boats, compasses, rafts, ships), bridges
  • boatmen, ferrymen, and other water-related occupations
  • water and recreation (swimming, water sports, rafting, ice-skating, bathing, beaches, waterside holidays)
  • fishing and fisheries
  • water in the landscape and settlements (waterfronts, fountains)
  • streams, rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs and bodies of water (marshes, dams, dykes, huts, techs)
  • water in rituals, folklore (proverbs), and supernatural ideas (living water; watermen, fairies)
  • water and dangers (floods), climate change
  • water as a topic of ethnological research


Abstracts should be sent to no later than 15th  December 2023.

Deadline for submission: 15 February 2024


The editor of the issue is:

Mgr. Juraj Janto, PhD.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology


Submission guidelines: please follow the submission guidelines on the website of the Ethnographic Society of Slovakia,




Rituals and Ritualization


Guest editor:

doc. Helena Tužinská

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology


Moore informations soon.